Learn how to play Casino favourites

We want all out Freebet 247 customers to have the best chance of winning on our online casino pages. These useful tips and guides will give you the best chance to win possible and by using our free bet offers you have an even bigger incentive to give casinos games a chance.

How to play Roulette

There are different types of table arrangements depending on the house. Some will offer cash play whilst others use chips, with chips there are two types the casino's own chips or coloured ones that can only be used on one particular game. If you do exchange your kitty for chips at a table then before you leave that table you must exchange them back for cash or risk being thrown off the tables.
The wheel itself has thirty seven compartments that are numbered. When in play the roulette wheel is made to spin and a ball thrown in which will eventually drop into one of the numbered compartments. If you have bet on that number, colour or odds or even guess then you win.

The easy bet on roulette

The easiest type of bet on the wheel is called the outside bet which offers the lowest odds. With outside bets it is basically a 50% chance so is it one thing or another.  
You can bet on will it be red or will it be black or will it land on an even number or not and the odds given are only 1\1.

Next up inside bets

As the bets become more risky the odds improve and these are then known as inside bets. There are many different inside bets from just one single number to a small block of numbers.

There are many ways to play

There are a few documented techniques to try to help you beat the house and these are widely available in print and online. Getting used to these techniques will take time and some practise so its best to use free games or some of teh free bets we offer to all new customers to do so.